Elon Musk’s schedule for “complete self-driving” is disputed by Tesla

According to a paper that describes a discussion between California authorities and Tesla staff, what Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly claims about the corporation’s advancement on a completely autonomous driving system doesn’t match up with “technical reality.”

The notification, which the disclosure website Plainsite acquired through a Freedom of Information Act request and then made public, demonstrates how Musk exaggerated both the potential of Tesla’s ability to launch fully autonomous functionalities by the climax of the year and the prowess of the Autopilot advanced driver assistance system in Tesla vehicles. memo California DVM tesla level tesla.

Autopilot is the name of the driver assistance technology that comes default in Tesla vehicles. Owners may purchase “full self-driving,” or FSD, for an extra $10,000. Musk claims that this capability will eventually enable fully autonomous driving. FSD has long been a viable alternative, with prices and capabilities rising consistently. Tesla cars, nevertheless, lack self-driving capabilities. In addition, to Navigate on Autopilot, which guides a car from a highway on-ramp to an off-ramp while navigating interchanges and lane discipline, FSD now incorporates the parking feature Summon. Drivers can activate “Navigate on Autopilot” for a particular route after entering a location into the navigation system.

According to the memo, CJ Moore, the company’s director of Autopilot software, told California regulators that Tesla vehicles are far from achieving that degree of autonomy.

The document summarizing the meeting between regulators and four Tesla staff, including Moore, and the autonomous cars division of the California Department of Motor Vehicles reads, “Elon’s tweet does not fit technical actuality per CJ.”

Additionally, Tesla informed the DMV that it has the ability to track when a problem occurs or when a feature is turned off. The word “disengagements,” which is also used by businesses researching and creating autonomous car technology, was developed by Moore to describe them. The main distinction here is that these businesses don’t use the general public; instead, they exclusively use professional safety drivers.